Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

Journal - Essay Example Do not wear white or tight things unless you use our products, they warn. If you get your clothes stained, it will be the greatest shame in your life. Even your boyfriend should not know that you’ve got menstruation, suggest some ads of tampons. You get the message. As to the menarche, I did feel some discomfort about it. It was a mixture if pride and sorrow. It was the sign of my growing up, but it also signaled the official end of my childhood. It is always that way: girls are proud of becoming mature, but they feel discomfort about their sexuality. Continuing the topic of shame, it is really very common among women. Many mothers do not tell their daughters of menstruation until it starts. They keep it in secret just like issues connected with sex. So girls often get frightened and feel shame, inherited from their mothers. I think it is very important to make girls acquainted with the stages of their development early in their lives, so that they could know that it is quite normal and would not be afraid of developing. #2. Like many other girls, I acquire my notions of beauty from mass media. I am lucky to have the ‘proper’ figure: to be slim. This way I could avoid pressures associated with weight. On the other hand, I do feel sometimes that I need to loose some kilograms, I realize that it is stupid but those fears simply come to my head. I do make-up both because I feel the necessity and because I like it. However, I can go out without make-up and feel OK. As to clothes, I am influenced by the demands of fashion. When I wear some clothes that are too out-of-date or baggy I feel discomfort. I like to be fluffy. Underwear, perfumes, nail varnish, handbags, jewelry – all those things attract me. They are beautiful and make you feel attractive and pleasant to look at. They give you the feeling of being rich and able to permit the life of luxury. If used properly, they make women look and smell very nice. I see nothing

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